January 18, 2021


Yes, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month…and for us, it’s SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

It’s about WOMEN.
Honoring the WOMEN who have not only survived countless trials and life-threatening battles, but are also THRIVING in spite of it all. 

Check out our Instagram page all month. We’ll be sharing valuable information about Women’s Health and how to power up your POWERFUL. Because YOU. Are. Powerful.

Whole. Even when she feels broken.
No matter what you’re “feeling” today, remember that it’s a gift to “feel” and it’s required in order to “heal.”
This month…and every month…FEEL your breasts with self breast exams. However, also FEEL your breath, your energy, power — your feminine. Every. Single. Day. It’s the source of your strength and healing.

Be. Remain. Repeat.
Each time, being and becoming. Open.
Expanding your openness. It expands YOU. Which expands us all.

Motion is life. Life is motion. 
It’s required to build. Momentum. In the moment and beyond.
Move your ME.

Life may be full of static, but YOU don’t have to be.
You’re dynamic.
Desire. Doing. Life. Your life. 
Different. Daily. 

The present. Your present. It’s where your power is. Where YOU are.
No matter how she shows up today. 
She shows up. 
When? Now.
This is where she discovers the “how” that she’s been seeking in order to create…


She contains a little bit of ALL OF US within her.
That’s her BEauty.
That’s her BEing.
That’s her Belonging.
That’s her. Being. 


We need her. We see her. We honor her.

We can help her. Be WELL.

This is what we do here. We work with the power that’s within you to ensure that its fully expressed from above, down, inside, and out. In all areas of life. Feeling. Healing. 

When WOMEN heal. The WORLD heals.

Health is the full expression of life. Showing up. Speaking up.

Express your healing today. Express. YOUR. SELF.

Share this with a woman you love today.

Give the gift of health by scheduling a Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Klein today by calling Janet at 212.354.2225.

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