Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness

Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness

We’re a state-of-the art midtown Manhattan wellness center that focuses on one thing — our patients’ best health.

Whether you’re suffering from back pain, neck pain, migraine headaches, inflammation, digestive issues, or other issues, our doctors and staff will find a solution for you. This begins with caring for the healer within.

    We accept ALL Major Medical Insurance Plans.

    "I've been blown away by the care I've received here, everyone is very friendly, professional and talented. Staff seems to magically know my face and name when I walk in, it really is the little things that make this place shine. The treatment and care plan has been top notch, feeling leaps and bounds better in just a short time. They make it their business to make you feel great. I've told my friends about it. Can't recommend enough!!!"

     MIKE. P. | Patient


    I should have written this sooner but Dr. Klein significantly changed my life for the better. I have herniated discs in my back and lived with daily nerve pain for 10 years. I was afraid of going to a chiropractor. As the pain got worse, I finally went to Dr. Klein as a last attempt to try something before choosing surgery. After a few sessions with Dr. Klein, incredibly, the pain went away. The adjustments he gave me relieved the daily nerve pain. I now do daily stretching without pain and go to see Dr. Klein for adjustment maintenance. I still have to be careful not to "overdo it" but the pain relief has been a life changer and I have Dr. Klein to thank for it.

    Scott G. | Patient


    "I have been going to Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness for a few years. A regular adjustment or medical message has helped me manage my scoliosis and my leg swelling from sitting at a desk all day. The office treats ever patient as family not just a number. They truly care for all their patients. Dr. Klein is great...well qualified and caring. They listen to you and really try to help you. I would recommend then to anyone dealing with back, shoulder or any other pain."

    JENNIFER M. | Patient


    Our Services

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    Chiropratic Care

    Correct alignment, ease pain, and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

    Massage Therapy

    Relieve tension, stress, and soreness while also releasing built-up toxins for overall health.

    Pain Relief

    Explore a holistic care program tailored to your needs so that you can improve your quality of life.

    Physical Therapy

    Develop, restore, and keep your body moving so that you can fully function and live your life to the fullest.


    Discover an alternative to pain medications by stimulating your nerves and muscles with this scientifically, proven, ancient Chinese practice.

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    About Us

    Since 1998 our team at Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness Center has helped thousands of patients find solutions for painful problems, restore health, and change their lives for the better.

    We are a state-of-the art midtown Manhattan wellness center that focuses on one thing — our patients’ best health. Our NYC clinic remains committed to helping patients through natural, traditional, and technologically advanced treatment techniques.

    It’s our mission to continue helping New York residents find a new state of health and eliminate unnecessary pain and suffering. Now and into the future.

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