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Physical Therapy

Developing, restoring, and keeping your body moving so that you can fully function and live your life to its fullest. Now and in the future.

Oftentimes people think that chiropractic care is just for back pain, neck pain, headaches, or overall aches and pains. Although it works great for conditions like this, it’s about so much more than simply back and neck pain relief. 

Chiropractic care is a science, art, and philosophy. It works with realigning the joints in the body — the spinal vertebra and extraspinal joints, such as the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, wrist, etc. 

How To Know If You Need Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy helps patients recover from injuries, relieve pain, prevent future injury and/or deal with a chronic condition, by utilizing state-of-the-art physiotherapies, strengthening, stretching, and restoring movement to specific areas of the body.

Whatever affects the joints in the body, also involves the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that support the joints. This can also happen in reverse. 

That is precisely why we offer physical therapy as a part of our corrective chiropractic care plans.  It allows the body to heal faster, which in turn helps our patients get back to doing what they love to do in less time, and with less pain. 

Acute and chronic injuries require a deeper, more thorough evlauation and plan of care that involve not only the spine and nervous system, but also the surrounding supporting structures to rehabilitate and restore full function as soon as possible. 

Our doctors and therapists work together to create the plan of care that best cares for you and your musculoskeletal needs.

How much will physical therapy cost?

The cost of therapy depends on the nature of your injury, the results of our initial evaluation, and what you want to accomplish. We can give you an estimate of the cost and length of treatment after you have come in for your initial evaluation.

Will my physical therapy be covered by insurance?
Yes, probably. A large number of insurance plans cover physical therapy treatment. Check with your insurance plan administrator or call our clinic to find out if physical therapy is covered by your insurance.
How long will it take for me to get better?
How quickly you recover depends on the extent of damaged tissue, how long you have had the injury, your nutritional habits, your emotional state, the state of your immune and endocrine systems, your genetic predisposition and other factors. We will review these factors with you when you come in for your evaluation. Your body’s response to exercises and manual techniques will also help us to estimate how long it could take for you to regain function.
Can my pain be controlled without pain medication?

With connective tissue injury, pain starts because your tissue is structurally stressed or inflamed. We can help you reduce inflammation by prescribing circulation exercises to flush inflammatory substances out of the injured area. This in itself will diminish your pain. Then, by rebuilding the tissues and eliminating poor joint biomechanics, we can further diminish your pain or even eliminate it.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. If you have a low back or knee injury, bring a pair of shorts or sweatpants.

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