Tennis Elbow Pain

Your elbow hurts often, but you don’t know the source of this pain? Tennis Elbow can be the cause of it. 

Although the name is related to tennis players, tennis elbow can also affect those who practice baseball, weight lifting, fencing, and many other sports that require repetitive arm movements. 

Besides the sports mentioned, some daily practices like hobbies or DIY manufacture can also cause tennis elbow pain. Carpentry, painting, and many others may cause inflammation to your arm.

Suppose you practice activities similar to those we mentioned above and somehow need to keep repetitive movements with your elbows or forearm in your daily life. In this case, chiropractic care can free you from pain and maintain your arm health for a long time.

Thus, check below how to diagnose and treat tennis elbow.

What is and how to diagnose Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is actually a type of tendonitis; e.g., a kind of inflammation, and it is the condition in the arm that most causes people to look for a doctor and some sort of treatment. People with tennis elbow can suffer from pain in just one or even in both arms.

As mentioned previously, many activities not related to tennis can also be the cause of it. Therefore, if you practice repetitive movements that stress your muscles and start to feel pain, you should look for a specialist to have your arm examined.

X-rays, MRIs, and EMGs, can be requested by your doctor. Thus, it’s possible to understand the injured’s condition and confirm the diagnosis. In addition to the exams, you should also tell the doctor if you’ve hurt your arm seriously. Any possible damage that can also be affecting your health and causing pain might change the ideal treatment.

Although only a specialist can assign the best treatment option for your arm, physical therapies are highly recommended as soon as you start feeling pain. By doing it, you can prevent your injure from reaching a level where surgery is mandatory.

How to relieve symptoms of Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow appears when you overuse tendons in your arm and add too much stress to the elbow’s joints. It means that reducing or ceasing physical activities or repeated movements is enough to relieve pain (though just temporarily).

Besides resting your arm, taking anti-inflammatory medication will probably reduce pain and soreness. However, these medicines will not heal you permanently since they treat symptoms but not the real cause.

To fully recover, you must look for a specialized doctor and proper treatment or surgery process. That’s the only way you can still practice your daily activities without needing to give up some of your hobbies or jobs.

How can chiropractic care help?

Many techniques can be utilized to treat Tennis elbow: Active Release Technique, Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, the Graston Technique, Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab (FAKTR), and many others.

Resting and taking medicines can deal with pain, but they won’t do more than relieving symptoms. In order to go back to your activities, a proper medical process is necessary before the inflammation spreads, and the elbow cartilage gets damaged.

By looking for excellent chiropractic care, you can literally save your arm’s longevity and allow yourself to keep your routine. The chiropractic treatment results will appear from short to medium term by reducing pain quickly and preventing new inflammation from occurring once again.

Where can I find proper chiropractic treatment?

Only specialized doctors can make diagnose and refer you to an ideal treatment.

If you are in New York, schedule an evaluation with our professionals to receive the most qualified chiropractic care as soon as your diagnosis gets ready.

BCWNYC professionals are specialized in physical treatments such as chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, and many more.

Set an appointment today and seek to improve your body’s health.

Diseases such as chronic back or neck pain, tennis elbow, and even spinal misalignment can be treated by chiropractic care, and you’ll feel it on your own body as you benefit from our specialized body care.

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