3 Ways Gratitude Heals Your Body And Soul

January 18, 2021

Ways Gratitude Heals

The other day we were meeting as a team, and discussing how GRATEFUL we are that we’re here. Now.

We’re certainly not through the pandemic, yet, but we’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

Together, I believe, we’ve weathered the worst of it and we’re still standing.


We couldn’t have done it without YOU, and your commitment to being and staying healthy. Even in the unhealthiest circumstances.

We — our team, our chiropractic family, and our beloved New York City — are tough. 

So today, more than ever, we want you to know just how much we love and appreciate you… your courage, your strength, and your resilience. 

We’re beyond grateful for you and your commitment to yourself, your health, and our world-class chiropractic family and community.

We salute YOU. There isn’t anyone we’d rather be doing this with than YOU.

Thanks for your trust and support. It’s an honor to serve you.

With that, we’re officially declaring this month as the month of LIFE, LIBERTY, AND ADJUSTMENTS FOR ALL.

So, this is exactly how GRATITUDE heals the body and soul…(cue the fireworks)…

1) Life.

Gratitude is the acknowledgment and celebration of LIFE that not only flows through you, but IS you.

It’s a matter of appreciating and valuing what we value: LIFE.

We care for that which we value, and value that which we care for.

When we care for our life. We take care of it. Period.

And it takes care of us.

Health is the full expression of LIFE that flows through us.

For this, let’s be grateful. We’re still standing. Alive and well.

2) Liberty.

Simply put, liberty is freedom. Freedom to choose. Freedom to be free.

We get to choose how we choose to be healthy.

As New Yorkers, we’re reminded of this every time we see Lady Liberty on the horizon, standing so hopeful, healthy, and welcoming — ushering in the vast diversity of life, and all those who choose to live freely.

When we choose the attitude of gratitude for where we are, as well as where we come from, we arrive in a healthier, happier state of mind. 

An Empire State Of Mind (Couldnt help myselfcue the music, please. Thank you, Jay-Z and Alicia Keyes.) 

There’s nothing greater. Except…

3) Adjustments.

A positive mindset is the sail that catches the winds of freedom, hope and healing. However, the sail requires adjusting.

When the head and heart align — the brain and body communicate fully — the results are revolutionary.

An empire state of mind is great, but making the necessary adjustments for greatness is the greatest of all.

That’s what we do, and why WE’RE here for YOU.

Chiropractic care adjusts exactly what needs to be adjusted, so you can adjust to your life.

Chiropractic care removes interference to the vital communication that happens through your nervous system — the LIFE in you. 

Chiropractic care takes care of your spine that supports the healthy function of your nervous system…YOU…and your immune system. (So grateful for this!)

Chiropractic care restores EASE so there is no DIS-EASE.

Chiropractic care maximizes life and liberty.

We, at Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness, are on a mission to provide ADJUSTMENTS FOR ALL.


Because chiropractic care strengthens your inner healer. YOU. 

For this, we are most grateful!

So, let’s bring healthy back — life, liberty, and adjustments for ALL.


Let’s bring healthy back together!

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