Can Chiropractors Do IV Therapy? What Is & Benefits

November 26, 2021

Intravenous (IV) therapy has been used to provide nutrition and rehydration in hospitals for decades. Besides, IV therapy is also utilized to treat conditions such as hangovers, fatigue, flu symptoms and jet lag in urgent care centers, medical spas, welness centers and in hospitals too.

Chiropractors aren’t the most recurrent injectors, which may have raised a questions in your mind: Can chiropractors do IV Therapy? Is it safe? And you’re tottally right for being worried about your health.

The short answer for this question is “yes, they can”. However, not all of them.

The complete answer will be covered among the chapters of this article.


What is IV Therapy?

IV vitamin therapy was first developed in the 1970s. The Myers’ Cocktail was the first form of IV Therapy developed. The cocktail contains a wide range of vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins C and B12. However, it’s not the only type of IV therapy anymore.

There are multiple types of injection therapy to heal headaches, fatigues, improve the immune system, heal from jet lag, increase body hydration, and boost the body nutrition in general.

B12 injections are very popular among those who opt por a vegetarian or vegan diet, but even people not restricting their diets may face B12 deficiency in some point of life. Be aware of your B12 levels since a deficiency might lead to anaemia, weight and hair loss, or even depression.

Another popular option is the trigger point therapy, which is performed to restore the muscle functions. Therefore, if you’re suffering from muscle spams and located muscle tightness, this therapy may help you get over it.

Injection therapies cover a wide range of symptoms and conditions, and if it’s recommended by a doctor or another medical specialist, it’s a safe practice that you can start considering receive.


Who can perform IV therapy? Can chiropractors do it?

Being licensed to perform IV therapy isn’t an easy process: a licensed professional must attend an accredited college or university to obtain a Practical Nursing program certificate or a two-year degree in nursing. That means you must be a current LPN or RN in order to perform it.

Chiropractors receive nursing training during their long years of chiropractor program, but they are not trained to be nurses. In other words, just by graduating in a chiropractor program it doesn’t mean the professional will be able to do IV therapy legally, even though they probably know how to, and possibly understand the reasons, benefits and risks.

Besides, since IV therapy is a complex topic and have multiple types, there is also a specific IV therapy training some states in the US might request from a nurse to perform it independently.

In short, if a chiropractor have gone through a nursing program and/or is specialized in IV therapy, they can perform it legally in the USA. However, professionals only graduated in a chiropractor program can’t.


What are the benefits of IV therapy?

IV therapy can be beneficial for different reasons since there are so many types focused on treating different symptoms and conditions. For this reason, we’ll be talking about why you would like to opt for IV therapy instead of going to a doctor and having to go under a prescriptive medicine treatment, for example.

First reason why opt for IV therapy is the fact it is practical and works faster than medication: we know scheduling an appointment with a doctor can be really expensive and yet the results might take long to show up.

However, IV therapy is not a complex procedure. Concierge services, like Mobile IV Medics, can go to your home or you can just set an appointment in welness center, like a spa or a chiropractic care center – just make sure the professionals from these places are licensed – and then get yourself treated.

Finally,  since infusion of fluids, vitamins and minerals work directly in the veils, the effects in the body can be felt way faster than when we make use of pills. You can boost your healthy immune system, get yourself hydrated and recover from most or every symptom that was making feel ill in a matter of some hours only.


Are there risks?

Most of the times, IV therapy is tolerated by the majority of patients. Despite, a detailed health history is required prior to IV therapy to make sure the injection is appropriate for a patient. A patient who has presented reactions to allergies is encouraged to tell the professional investigates and analyzes if this reaction might be related to a component present in the therapy. If yes, if should be called off imediately.

Besides, the procedure involves the use of sterile equipment and materials to reduce the risks of infection. Since the nurses performing the therapy are highly experienced with injections, their preparation must be inpicable.

Some of the recurrent reactions of IV therapy include local swelling, bruising or irritation of a vein. Yet, the occurrency is very low, and the procedure can be considered completely safe.


Where to find?

Not every chiropractor can provide IV therapy, so we’re proud to say our doctors have grown professionally to provide absolute health care treatment to our patients.

If you’re in New York, make sure to schedule an appointment with us to experience holistic therapies and improve your general mental and physical health condition.

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