Can Chiropractors Help Fixing Bad Posture? 

September 21, 2022

a Hunchbacked person with wrong bad posture, back bones pain and problems
Can Chiropractors Help Fixing Bad Posture? 

Have you ever wondered what having a bad posture means? If you’re not sure what good posture is supposed to be like, we’ll help you understand that further in this article. 

A poor posture will impact your general health and wellbeing over time. You’re mistaken if you think only your back posture will be affected. So, first of all, let’s clarify why you should be worried about your posture. 

Why is having a good posture important? 

For those who don’t know or are in doubt, the posture is how you carry your body while walking, standing, running, sitting or just lying down. Having a good posture means that your whole spine is in a neutral position. 

With the spine in the neutral position, you’ll experience less pain and discomfort, and will not stress the ligaments, preventing muscle strains, decreasing joint problems and, of course, maintaining the alignment correct. 

So, maintaining a good posture is the key to a healthier and painless lifestyle, since your body does not have to work to keep the spine and the body in the right position. 

But what does it mean to have a bad posture? 

You already know what your posture should be and look like, so it is easier to tell if you’re getting a poor posture. But it’s basically a postural imbalance that will affect your spine and nervous system. 

But a simple check in the mirror will help you identify a bad posture: 

  • Uneven shoulders; 
  • Shoulders hunched forward or rounded; 
  • Rounded upper back;
  • Head carried facing downward. 

If you identify any of these things, it is pretty likely that you have bad posture. Other tip to understand bad posture is if you have to make any adjustment by yourself to get you back to this neutral position. 

But having a Bad Posture is pretty common and can result from: 

  • Obesity 
  • Stress
  • Pregnancy 
  • Inactivity 
  • Weak or damaged muscles
  • Genetics 
  • Slouching 
  • Medical Conditions
  • Weak postural muscles 
  • High-heeled shoes 
  • Tight or strained muscles 

So keep it in mind that correcting your posture is important to decrease the impact and keep the integrity of the spine as you get older. 

What are the most common posture problems? 

As you already know, having a poor posture is a sign that your body is not as healthy as it should be. And there are a few posture problems that may occur since you do not have a neutral position in your spine, including: 

  • Forward head posture 

Also known as Text Neck, your neck is positioned with your ears in front of the vertical midline of the body. 

  • Kyphosis 

Is an exaggerated curvature of your upper back, where the shoulders are bent forward. 

  • Sway back 

When the hips and pelvis are tilted forward in front of the midline. It looks like that you’re leaning back. 

But… How can a Chiropractor help with Bad Posture? 

Since a chiropractor is a trained specialist in spine treatments, they’ll be able to help you adjust your posture by applying pressure to specific regions of your body. 

A chiropractor will examine case history, the way you sit and walk, the assessment of your spinal alignment, orthopedic and neurological testing, muscles strength, flexibility and mobility. 

Those adjustments will be performed in some areas of your spine, to help improve those specific areas that are causing the bad posture. They can also work on your bones and muscles, to help you seek and maintain those areas balanced. 

Also some kind of muscle exercises to release and strengthen will be performed as well, to make sure you can maintain the posture. They’ll help you be aware of your spine position, to understand what is and should be your neutral position. 

Don’t be scared, it is not a painful procedure, chiropractic will only help you get your muscles stronger and your spine back to its place. 

A chiropractor will help you with your wellbeing, making your more conscious of your body and strengthening your muscles to help you get your good posture back! 

Want to get rid of your bad posture?

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