Chiropractic care during pregnancy: we’ll tell you everything about it!

June 28, 2022

During 9 months of pregnancy, the women’s bodies go through some radical changes, such as physical, hormonal or emotional.


The spine changes so the fetus can grow and develop. And because of that, there are a lot of structural modifications in the muscles and ligaments that can cause a lot of discomfort. 


Besides that change, the body releases the relaxin hormone, which causes joint relaxation and ease in labor and delivery.


So entering in a prenatal chiropractic care to adjust and realign your body is a very welcoming way to ease your pain and discomfort that go along with the pregnancy. 


What does chiropractic do for your health? 


Chiropractic is the maintenance of the spine health, and the adjustment to the misaligned joints. It doesn’t need medications or invasive procedures, so it can be safe for people of all ages and any sort of conditions. 


Using mostly the hands and very safe techniques to develop health in your spine and all body. 


Can I seek a chiropractor’s help in my pregnancy? 


For many women, the pregnancy comes along with pain in the lower back and hips. And relief can be found in a chiropractic adjustment, and the practice is believed to be safe. 


There are some care providers specialized in prenatal care, and will use adjusting tables to accommodate the growing bellies, and all the techniques are used to not put any kind of pressure in that area. 


For your baby-to-be, having and misaligned pelvis can restrict the space for his/her development. And that can lead to birth defects.


And besides that, with the pelvis out of alignment, it can disturb your baby movement into the best position: rear-facing, head down. So it can affect the ability to have a natural birth. 


And there are a few other alterations in women’s bodies that can be faced, such as:


  • Increased abdominal bulge;
  • Intensification of spinal curvature;
  • Generalized bone changes;
  • Rearrangement of organs as the baby grows;
  • Changes in the structure of the pelvis.

So, with the pelvis misaligned and non-balanced, it can decrease the women’s quality of life, making the birth more difficult. So let’s get to know how chiropractic treatment can help.


Benefits of chiropractic for pregnancy 


As we said before, pregnant women experience a lot of different sensations and changes during this period. The spine, muscles and ligaments all around it change.


And even if all that changes are natural for a woman’s body, some adjustments can help to restore pelvic balance and avoid any kind of stress in the mom’s and baby’s joints. 


Besides that, the hips and posture will change, along with the lumbar curvature. The best thing you can do for your health in this period is to seek chiropractor care, to help relieve the stress and prepare yourself for labor. 


The chiropractor’s adjustments help with facilitating the right positioning of the fetus and treat the pain.

There are a few other benefits of chiropractic in pregnancy, that includes: 


  • Reducing nausea and fatigue;
  • Helping with hips, lumbar and knee pain;
  • Guaranteeing a full relaxing mode, relieving stress from the body;
  • Relaxation of muscles and joints;
  • Increasing the changes of a faster labor;
  • Helping with postpartum rehabilitation.


When a pregnant woman should not see a chiropractor?


In all terms, basically all pregnant women can see a chiropractor, because it’s a very light approach to the body. However, it’s always recommended to see a care provider before you start the treatment.


The chiropractic treatment is not recommended in some very specific cases, for example: 

High risk pregnancies;


  • Vaginal bleeding;
  • Ectopic pregnancy;
  • Placental abruption.


How often should you go see a chiropractor during your pregnancy? 


The length of your treatment will depend on the evaluation of the chiropractor. But regular visits are recommended to keep the spines, muscles and joints all aligned. 


But never forget to talk to your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to start any kind of treatments when you’re expecting. And if your loose limbs and growing belly are throwing you out, getting an adjustment can help you decrease your discomfort and live your pregnancy at its fullest. 


If you’re looking for a specialized chiropractor, come to Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness. Book an appointment and get your adjustments right now!





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