Chiropractic Care For Infants And Babies – An Altenative For Colic & Other Forms Of Pain

March 26, 2021

Whenever “chiropractic care for infants and babies” is the matter, parents may end up awakening their parental instincts, and they come up very doubtful to understand this matter.

“Isn’t that dangerous? Maybe painful?”, “Should a baby go under such a treatment if they’re still so young with fragile bodies?”

These are natural doubts as we expect chiropractic treatment to involve cracks and heavy stretches on our bodies, making joints go back to their places by applying pressure. However, the truth is parents should not worry. Actually, chiropractic care for babies is performed in a completely different way.

Babies receive chiropractic care through soft touches, close to the ones we give on fruits and vegetables when we check them up to see if they are ready to consume.

In other words, chiropractic care for infants and babies is most often free from pain and highly beneficial to many forms of pain.

Shall we move on? We’re going to see how chiropractic care helps children to be healthier.

Birth Injury

Regardless of through the normal birth canal or in a cesarean section, childbirth means to take a baby forcefully from their first place of living.

During this process, babies can get hurt on their spine, neck, and other joints due to all the physical pressure. These small (or even big) traumas may cause sleep issues at night and cries that often seem to be expressing pain.

While most babies heal naturally from childbirth injuries, some get traumas that they will take longer to recover from. They might have a hard time moving some parts of their bodies, motor coordination disorders, colic, and much more.

Chiropractic Care shows up as a possible solution to those conditions once they may all be related to spinal misalignment. Besides, chiropractic treatment is famous for being an intensifier of the body’s regeneration capability and immune system.

In case of birth injuries, chiropractic care is recommended for babies and mothers as well, since they both go under a lot of tension and fatigue. As mothers carry a baby and everything that comes with it (weight, nutrient necessity, etc.), it’s highly recommended they include themselves in physical therapies since pregnancy may end up affecting their bodies’ health and balance.


From the second month of the gestation period, babies’ bodies are close to their definite appearances. Yet not completely developed, their spines are formed but bent to adapt to their mom’s womb. From that point on, there are still seven months until their birth date, and their bodies will be slowly developing. As for their spines, they will gradually change towards reaching an erect position too.

It’s a natural process, but the fact is the healthiest position to human spines is to be standing erect. Since babies have to respect mothers’ bodies, it’s also natural that they suffer from misaligned vertebras. That is the reason why so many babies receive spine alignment right after their births or some weeks after it.

When speaking about children’s alignment, it’s incredibly worth saving that chiropractic care is done totally different from adult treatment. They will be softly touched in the right points of their bodies by the chiropractors’ fingertips. No machines, no cracks on their bones.

Ear Infection And Colic

It’s still a matter of scientific discussion between researchers of the area, but spine misalignment probably directly relates to ear infection and colic causes. It means you can treat them with chiropractic care.

Even though doctors do not consensually defend it, we’ve been treating children for decades, and their bodies validate that chiropractic care is effective. The truth is there are hundreds of satisfied parents who can report their children have recovered from these conditions after being under chiropractic treatment in the United States.

Chiropractors believe that many forms of pain are caused by spinal misalignment since it’s our central part of our bodies and is strictly related to nerve endings. As soon as we treat our spines, our bodies tend to relax, liberate the correct fluids, stop pressing its organs, as well as other parts of musculature. If your vertebra is working fine, tissues and organ systems do too. Besides, we benefit from pain relief and better immunity.

Ear infection and colic are two very common health conditions in children, and they are mostly reported to be fully treated by chiropractic care.

It’s always valid to mention chiropractors do not claim chiropractic care to be the only way to treat those conditions or that prescripted medication is unnecessary. In fact, chiropractic’s role for ear infection, colic, or any other form of pain is to be an alternative, 100% drug-free, that will bring quick results.

Why take a child to a chiropractic center?

Besides the conditions mentioned above, there are other situations in which it’s recommended to receive chiropractic care regardless of the patient’s age.

One of the main reasons why parents look for a specialized doctor to have their kids checked out is sports injuries: when practicing martial arts, football, soccer, baseball, for instance. Muscular pain usually draws the parents’ attention, and chiropractic seems to be one of the favorite alternatives to deal with them.

However, few parents are aware that babies with sleep issues, reflux, and bedwetting can benefit from chiropractic care as well. Besides, they can receive it from their first months of life.

Even though chiropractic care doesn’t aim to treat these kinds of symptoms, they are additional cases in which the body reacts well by receiving the treatment.

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