How To Treat And Prevent Low Back Pain?

April 28, 2021

Low back pain is one of the most recurrent forms of pain on humans, and, unfortunately, as office and home office job demand increases it will be even more common to hear people complaining about it.

Especially after the pandemic, it seems there is an outbreak of joint conditions out there that doesn’t take people’s age into consideration. The truth is even the young have been suffering from back pain.

Are you one of them? Looking for ways to treat and prevent it? If that’s so, we can gladly say you’ve come to the right place. Follow it up!

What Is Low Back Pain?

This form of pain affects the lower back part and is most often caused by factors such as age, poor posture, long-time sitting, sciatica, or pregnancy. Also, there are more serious conditions such as malformation of the spine, herniated disc, or degenerative diseases that can cause it, but they are way rarer cases.

Low back pain can be divided into two types: acute and chronic. According to surveys, about 20% of people who suffer from acute low back pain will start suffering from chronic as well someday.

The good news is: most cases are the acute type. That is, it shows up but also goes away as the patient improves their condition. That means they just need to identify what is causing the pain and change certain habits. If necessary, they can also take medications to relieve the pain.

How Can I Be Sure It Is Low Back Pain That I Feel?

When the causes are not severe, it is very common that the pain affects the back for three days at most and then disappears. In this case, the patient has probably hurt their back due to a misuse of their body. For instance: putting excessive strength in daily tasks, exercising without stretching or proper muscle preparation, or even long-time sitting in a hunched over position.

If the person keeps misusing their body, most probably the pain will show up again, and soon. It does not necessarily mean they have serious problems, but yet they should take care of their body health attentively in order not to have sequelae in the future when they reach an advanced age.

If the pain persists for a long time – more than 3 days – it’s highly recommended to see a doctor and check out what is causing low back pain and perform the proper examinations.

Are There Symptoms That Require Urgency?

  • If the pain is accompanied by other types of pain close to the organs’ region such as the bowel, kidneys, or lung;
  • If the pain is too intense;
  • If it is accompanied by fever, physiological difficulties, faintness, or vertigo.

What Practices Can Cause It?

Low Back Pain

Exercise: Sports such as golf, and baseball require repetitive hip movements constantly and a specific posture to swing the bat. The player will be applying repetitive strain in the muscles, and if not correct, they can get hurt. Sports that cause strong strain on feet and knees by the impact of jumping, like basketball and volleyball, can also be the origin of the pain.

Carrying heavy accessories: bags, backpacks, purses… all of them can get easily overloaded by so many items we use to carry around. As these accessories are present in our daily lives, they can permanently damage our bodies.

Sedentary Work: Keep sitting too long has been the most recurrent cause of low back pain since the beginning of the decade. If you are not maintaining good posture while working and alternating between sitting and standing in your workday, you likely have or will have it.

How To Treat Low Back Pain?

Low Back Pain treatment

If the pain comes from the misuse of the body, there is no better alternative than chiropractic care to manage and relieve it. This treatment is able to align your spine, strengthen your body, increase immunity and fully relieve various forms of joint pain, including low back pain.

Other ways to treat it according to the National Institutes of Health are physical therapy and acupuncture.

These three are great modalities that will instantly relieve symptoms and improve the body’s health to prevent the pain from coming back.

Where To Find A Chiropractor, Physiotherapist Or Acupuncture Specialist?

Low Back Pain Treatment

Broadway Chiropractic and Wellness Center have proudly united some of the best professionals to offer the best modalities of alternative medicine and physical treatments to help New York citizens deal with all types of body pain, including low back pain.

In our wellness center, you can find these three ways – chiropractic care, physical therapies, and acupuncture – to treat body conditions, and we will help you find the best treatment with enormous dedication. Book an appointment now to treat back pain and discomforts you may be experiencing as soon as possible.

Our body needs attention, especially in moments when we need to adapt to a new routine and way to live life just like we have been experiencing in this century.

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