Misaligned or Uneven Hips can be treated with Chiropractic Care 

October 25, 2022

If you’ve experienced the pain that comes with misaligned or uneven hips, you’ll probably have to search for every treatment available to help you fix that. But have you ever gone to a chiropractor? 

An uneven hip can be very painful, especially because it will probably pull other parts of your body out of alignment. If you experience pain that radiates aches from your low back up to your shoulders and down throughout your legs, you should go see if your hips are at the same level. 

The slightest misalignment can cause pain and a long list of problems, but with the proper care and treatment, you can live your life healthier! 

A painful hip problem can affect your ability to move properly and do your regular activities. You’ll try to find ways to compensate for your pain leves, and it’ll be seen in your whole body. 

But How Can a Chiropractor Help? 

They’ll be able to help you identify your uneven hips. They’ll probably ask you for exams like x-rays or even do a manual examination. But a specialized chiropractor will certainly go to the root of the problem to solve it, not only the symptoms. 

When you book an appointment here at BCW, our specialists will encourage you to be as detailed as possible to determine the extent of your condition. 

Our doctors will recommend and perform the adjustments safely and effectively, to speed up the healing process. But they can recommend other treatment options, such as: 

  • Massage;
  • Posture correction treatment;
  • Weight loss; 
  • Lifestyle change; 
  • Other exercises and stretches. 

What are the causes of misaligned hips? 

It’s important to understand what may cause the misaligned hips: 

  • Leg Length Discrepancy 

The most common cause of misalignment, that includes a lateral pelvic tilt, resulting in tight muscles on one side of the body. This can happen to anyone. 

  • Scoliosis 

Very common amongst children and adolescents, the curve of the spine can lead to uneven hips and/or shoulders. 

  • Difference in Leg Length 

Having one leg bigger than the other will affect the hips, spine and shoulders. It can be caused naturally at birth or by accidents and injuries by the time you are growing up. 

Symptoms of Misaligned or Uneven Hips

As we’ve said above, having a hip misalignment can be very painful and lead to other body problems that will affect your quality of life. There are a few signs and symptoms that you’ll probably experience, such as: 

  • Hip pain; 
  • Foot, leg or ankle pain; 
  • Upper and lower back pain;
  • Sciatica;
  • Uneven shoulders;
  • The feeling that one leg is longer than the other. 

But you can do a home test to help you understand and determine if your hips are misaligned or not. This is NOT a replacement for medical care, but it’ll give you an idea whether your hips are aligned or not – ALWAYS seek medical attention. 

  • Stand in front of a mirror barefoot; 
  • Grab a string and hold one end in each hand;
  • Place the heels of your hand on your hip bones; 
  • Check in the mirror to see if they’re tilted. If it is, your hips are probably misaligned. 

The best treatment plan for you will only be traced when seeing a specialist. So don’t wait any longer, come to BCW and get yourself the right treatment to get rid of any kind of pain! Book an appointment online right now. 

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