My Outlook

January 18, 2021

My Life

I just finished a Zoom family day with my 9 year old daughter’s school. One of the activities was
to listen to the students as they read the poems they had spent hours crafting about their current attitude
towards the pandemic. The feeling I had as I sat and listened was that these kids are
overwhelmed… physically, mentally and spiritually. They are struggling to handle what is going on
in the little world around them and the big world outside their families. They are all concerned
about what is happening around them and how it’s affecting their lives and the world. They are
optimistic about the light at the end of the tunnel, when we can all get back to our lives.
Knowing that kids are a reflection of their parents, we know who else is going through it.

I Dr Jeffrey Klein have been a chiropractor for 25 years, practicing in the same building in
Times Square. I have seen the area change for the better, especially these past 5 years. The
pandemic has put all that on hold for now with restaurants, Broadway and retail shut down.
The electricity in the air has been shut off. The volume of people in Midtown has decreased
dramatically. Commuters are stuck at home, not in their usual environment during the
weekdays. People are either working or schooling from home. This has set up an equation for
a very unhealthy set of stressors on the body that seriously affects one’s overall health and

Let me elaborate, the body can breakdown if we have too many physical, chemical and
emotional stressors. As a chiropractor, I treat the physical manifestations of these 3 burdens
on the body. It can come in the form of pain, tension or dysfunction. I treat these symptoms by
tending to any pain that comes with dysfunction. In addition, I help patients recognize what’s
going wrong so they can counteract any stressors.

I shut down my office for two and half defeating months. Upon reopening in June, the number
one glaring characteristic I saw in most of my patients is that they are suffering now more than
ever. They all have the same complaints, “My desk setup is killing my back.” Being forced to
sit in unnatural positions for an extended period of time is considered a physical attack on the
body. Overtime, these attacks create detrimental distortions in the body.

I have been fortunate enough to currently be open. Many of my patients understand the value
of keeping these stressor at bay by seeking my treatment. Making the journey to the office is
now harder than ever because many refuse public transportation. Although, they all feel very
comfortable inside my office because we have strict covid cleaning protocols that are evident
from the first step in the lobby.

The nervous system is also susceptible to outside attacks. There is an unpredictable element
to the pandemic that causes unwanted emotional imbalances in the nervous system. Strain on
this system has a negative connection to the rest of the body’s functions. It is important to
remember that substances like alcohol and drugs, either prescription or illegal, can also affect
the internal chemistry of the body. Both can ultimately cause pain and discomfort.

I am fighting to reach these people because most will let it go and live with their pain. The
quicker you take care of the problem, the easier and cheaper it is to fix. I am afraid that as
people start to come back to the workplace, these problems will follow them. The amount of
people in discomfort and pain is going to be staggering. People in pain are not themselves.
They become scared and sometimes angry. One of my favorite things is seeking to recover
their true personality once they feel better. You have to ask yourself, what effects will these
altered personalities have on society? How will this affect our kids?

The good news is, there is help and it doesn’t have to go from bad to worse. Get yourself
checked out. Have a posture checkup, like a dental check up. It’s the same thing. You want
straight teeth and a straight body and spine. Call me at 212-354-2225 or email or visit my website or follow my business on Instagram

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