Tinnitus and Chiropractic Care

August 8, 2022

Tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ear, is a physical condition characterized by the perception of a persistent noise in the inner ear, even with no external sound or ring. 

The ring is very similar to that sensation you have when you immediately get out of a crowded and loud place, like a concert, for example. It can be very bothersome for some people. 

This ringing, or tinnitus, can be related with age conditions, and even a circulatory system disorder or any condition in the inner ear. 

But it’s believed that tinnitus is not exactly a condition or disease per say, but a symptom of bigger problems in the body. 

What causes that ringing in the ear?


As we said before, that are a few conditions or even actions that can cause tinnitus. However, it is a very misunderstood condition with a few treatment options available. A few examples are: 

  • Age related conditions;
  • Constant exposure to loud noises;
  • Infections or inflammations;
  • Cervical spine misalignment that causes pressure in craniofacial nerve centers in and around the inner ear;
  • TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) problems, caused by pressing the jaw or grit the teeth;
  • Stress or insomnia;
  • Circulatory system disorders;
  • Muscle spasm in the ear.

We advise you to book an appointment with your care provider to search for the origin of the problem, that’ll certainly help you with your treatment plan further ahead by ruling out other serious 


Most common symptoms of Tinnitus

There are some symptoms that often happen with tinnitus, such as: 

  • Clicking;
  • Buzzing;
  • Ringing;
  • Roaring;
  • Humming;
  • Pulsing noise;
  • And a feeling of fullness in the head. 


Treating tinnitus with a chiropractor: how can it help?

As tinnitus is known for being the appearing surface from troubles in the back or spine, chiropractic treatments can be very helpful with that unstoppable noise sensation, by having your spine aligned and the pressure off.

How the treatment usually works

It’s best to see your care provider before any kind of treatment. And each case is personal, so check your chiropractor before making any decisions.

The chiropractor will identify any misalignment in your entire body, but especially in your upper cervical spine, in order to get it back into place and help with the pressure in the inner ear. 

Chiropractic care can also help with TMJ, head or neck injuries. In case of TMJ, it’s believed that connections between ligaments, muscles and/or nerves in the jaw affect tinnitus, such as subluxations and misalignments can trigger TMJ pain. 

All chiropractic adjustment will help the brain communicate with the body again. 

But you can start right now by choosing a healthier lifestyle, with exercises for your posture, drinking more water, sleeping and eating better. It’ll certainly help to keep your body healthy and ready to be adjusted!

Here at BCW, a chiropractic care treatment plan is prepared for each patient by one of our specialized doctors, considering their history of conditions, diseases and lifestyle. 

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