What Does Innate Intelligence Have To Do With Chiropractic And You?

January 18, 2021

So what’s Innate Intelligence

Good health isn’t due to good luck, but it IS due to a healthy spine, nerves, and immune system. It’s also because Innate Intelligence is flowing through you at 100% — from above, down, inside and out. Health is possible when you make and keep your spinal health a priority.

So what’s Innate Intelligence and what does it have to do with chiropractic and your health? I’m so glad you asked.

The principles of chiropractic and life are based on this special something called Innate Intelligence. Actually, Innate is really not a “thing” at all. It’s a powerful God-given wisdom that’s in all living things — including you and me. It’s what orchestrates every single delicate process in your body, including the moment of conception when 2 cells united and then…2 cells became 4, 8, 16, etc.… and here we are!

It’s how we’re wonderfully and magnificently designed, and what allows us to live, breathe, move, heal, repair, restore, and reproduce. Without Innate Intelligence there is no life…it’s really that simple!

Innate Intelligence is responsible for every single function in your body, from the very basic to the most complex. Life flows from above, down, inside and out from your brain to your body via your nervous system, not unlike electricity flows through electrical wire. WOW! Innate Intelligence allows optimal health and healing to flow through you from above, down, inside and out. As long as nothing interferes with this flow, you’re able to fully express the life and health that’s not only within you, but IS you.

Vertebral subluxations (spinal misalignments) interfere with the flow of Innate Intelligence in our bodies. That’s why so many people are suffering needlessly on our planet today. Instead of working with the body’s inborn intelligence, so many people have attempted to gain health by adding dangerous drugs (chemicals) to their bodies that not only cause serious side-effects, but work against Innate Intelligence.

We must recognize the importance of working with the Innate Intelligence that our Creator has given us, instead of working against it and destroying the very power that gives life. God made the body, God heals the body. It happens no other way, and is really quite simple…profoundly simple.

This is the chiropractic message that I want to share with you, and inspire you to share with as many other people as possible who haven’t yet thought about Innate Intelligence. With dangerous, and often deadly, side-effects that come with using medicine, and so many lives being affected by COVID-19 and other diseases, it’s up to you and me to let the world know that there is a better way…AS LONG AS THERE IS LIFE FLOWING THROUGH US, THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE FOR HEALING.

Now is the time to bring healthy back…because the healthiest thing you can do for your life is to restore and maintain your healthy BACK.

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