When seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy

May 9, 2022

Check how you can benefit from seeing a chiropractor during your pregnancy

Being pregnant brings huge and important changes into the life of a woman, including physical ones. These changes arise from the body needs to adapt its structure and the consequences of the baby growth.

We all agree these changes are very welcome. However, they can bring negative impact to the life quality of the mother-to-be. That is why pregnant women can hugely benefit from seeing a chiropractor throughout their pregnancy.

The advantages are numerous. The treatment is indicated for physical pain in general and for specific ones, such as in the back, neck, hip and sciatica.  It is also recommended for muscle stiffness and its consequent soreness. The professional can also identify and treat previously undiagnosed or unperceived disorders that may emerge during this period.

When to start seeing a chiropractor

Chiropractic is a very suitable treatment for pregnant women and can be done throughout the whole pregnancy, as soon as the responsible obstetrician authorizes it. From the first trimester, the future mom can start seeing the benefits of the treatment, by avoiding dysfunction and gestational discomfort.

Well-being during pregnancy

Through important adjustments, the chiropractor provides gestational well-being, improving life quality for the patient during this period. These adjustments enhance the general mobility of the body, providing relief and relaxation.

Back and neck pain relief for the future mom

If taking care of our posture is not always an easy task, during pregnancy the challenge becomes greater. That is why the spine alignment during this phase is so important. Besides feeling better during pregnancy, it will help the mother during the delivery by avoiding stress on the joints.

Sciatica during pregnancy

It is quite common for sciatica to arise during pregnancy. The baby is growing and the expansion of the uterus can put pressure right on the sciatic nerve. This pressure can be a cause of inflammation and pain.

You can recognize this is the case if you are experiencing sharp and intermittent pain that goes from the lower back all the way down to the your legs. The chiropractic treatment is consider one of the best ways to treat it by the use of adjustments combined with other techniques.

Prepare for childbirth seeing a chiropractor

In addition to its effectiveness on pain relief, seeing a chiropractic during pregnancy can also help preparing the mothers-to-be for the labor. It is a moment that can last long and requires a lot of physical effort.

So, besides aligning the back, there is some body preparation treatment specific for the pelvis, focused on strengthening and balancing it. It is excellent to create means for a safer delivery and for labor facilitation.

Important hormones during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women’s hormones undergo many changes. One of the hormones active at this period is relaxin. It is produced by the ovary and the placenta and brings important effects to the body throughout pregnancy.

In order to prepare the body for childbirth, it relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis, and soften and widen the cervix. However, until the baby is born, this hormone ends up weakening the joints in the pelvis and back. That is another reason why seeing chiropractor for professional follow-up is so important.

Treatment without medication

Another great advantage of seeing a chiropractor is the fact that the treatment does not use drugs or invasive procedures during this important period.

In addition, your chiropractor can continue the treatment after the baby is born, helping your body recover from the changes it passed through during pregnancy and going back to is previous state. All that while providing you relief, relaxation and physical well-being.

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