Why Dr. Klein’s Grateful For A 3.5 Star Yelp Review

January 18, 2021

Star Yelp Review

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why would Dr. Klein be happy with a 3.5 Star Yelp Review?”

This is why…

It all started 10 years ago when I decided that offering a Groupon for a $29 chiropractic massage would be a “good idea,” and a great way to introduce patients to chiropractic care as well.

For those of you who don’t know what Groupon is, it’s an online discount shopping platform that connects consumers with merchants and is used by many businesses to market introductory offers to the public.

Well, you can imagine how many stressed out New Yorkers wanted a discounted massage…


In no time we had sold 2,000 Groupons!! (Yes, you read that right, TWO THOUSAND MASSAGES!)

Now I had a big problem. How were we going to serve that many people?!

So I quickly hired extra massage therapists, and soon realized that our office wasn’t big enough to accommodate that many people wanting to get in the door! It felt like the Macy’s shoe department on Black Friday!

I decided it was time to expand, and it needed to be done quickly. Very quickly.

At that time my office was located next to a Storage Company, so I rented a couple storage lockers, hung up curtains, and moved my massage therapy department next door and we were off to the races.

It took us almost a year to deliver 2K massages, but with the help of an incredible team, we did it. The best way we could, with the greatest intentions. However, needless to say, the experience was far from what everyone expected, and definitely wasn’t a 5-Star spa experience.

Yes, we got a lot of star ratings and reviews that year, but unfortunately they were 1-Star each!

I felt humiliated and very disappointed in myself. How could I let this happen? It was definitely not my finest moment in business, but with it came some great lessons…

1. Not every seemingly “great idea” is a great idea. I’ve since learned to count the cost of every one of my “great” ideas  before I define them as great.

2. With all deep valleys come greater vision, as long as we keep moving onward and upward. We’ve kept going and continued growing past that time, and I’m gratefully humbled.

3. Being grateful for the small things, makes them bigger. Thank goodness, what once was an overall 1-Star rating on Yelp has now grown to a 3.5. (Even though it’s taken 10 YEARS.) Little by little, every 5-Star rating has helped offset those many 1-Stars.

4. The only thing that lives forever are ratings and reviews on Yelp. It remains into infinity…and beyond.
So for the past 10 years we’ve been stacking your kind and generous ratings and reviews on top of those buried in the past, and we’re slowly digging our way out. Thank you!

What once seemed like a failure, has given me greater appreciation for the little things…like fine details and the power of 1-Star…at least it’s a star…and I’m beyond grateful that it’s grown to a 3.5!

In honor of taking a major “blooper” and changing it into a “highlight” reel, how would you like to help us put this one to rest — once and for all?

We are now collecting NEW YELP RATINGS AND REVIEWS — and we need YOUR HELP.

If you leave us a 5-Star Rating and Review on Yelp, we’ll put your name into a weekly drawing to win a FREE 30-MINUTE MASSAGE. (It all started with a $29 massage, so we thought the least we could do was give away some free massages.)

All you have to do is this…

1.  Click here to sign-in to Yelp. (yelp.com)
2. Post your 5-Star Rating and Review.
3. Take a screenshot of it and text it to Janet at: 1-929-323-2909 (Along with your IG handle.)
4. We’ll post it on our IG page, and give you a shoutout.
5. We’ll draw a new winner every Friday between now and the end of December.
AND…ALL WINNERS will go into a drawing for a FREE TEMPURPEDIC  Pillow that we’ll be giving away the end of December.

Thanks in advance for helping us…IF YOU’VE RECEIVED HELP, PLEASE GIVE US A YELP.

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