Chiropractic Care For Student-Athletes: Can Young Athletes Receive Too?

August 2, 2021

Chiropractic care has been practiced by sport medicine professionals for over 15 years in many different sports areas. It serves as a great alternative to managing the impact sportive practice has on the athletes’ bodies. Because of its success, even giant leagues like MLB and NFL count on professional groups of private chiropractors to treat their athletes.

There are even dedicated associations of expert doctors that offer chiropractic care for specific sports, who are specialists on relevant body matters concerning the sport of their expertise. A great example is the PBCS, a group of chiropractors specialized in baseball.

Contextualization aside, we haven’t forgotten about the student-athlete since they are the central part of this article!

Young students can also receive chiropractic care to improve their health and general body condition. We will address this subject in depth throughout this article.

Can Children and Teenagers Receive Chiropractic Care?

Yes, they can. To be honest, even babies can receive chiropractic care.

There is still a lot of concern over the fact that the younger one is, the less their body development is complete. However, chiropractic care is an extremely safe treatment if practiced by an expert. Besides that, it’s 100% drug-free and helps the body regenerate faster from injuries and other conditions.

And there is more: in childhood, we have lots of energy and will to exercise constantly while we play and run around. However, children and teenagers are not aware that their bodies need preparation to receive impact and strain in a way they won’t get injured. For that reason, when they play, run, or practice a sport, they may end up building up stress in their muscles without realizing it and getting muscle pain, strain, or more severe injuries. Chiropractic care is a great method to maintain the body’s overall health and help young athletes’ muscle development occur steadily. Because of that, we will cover some of the most relevant benefits to junior athletes who dream of becoming Olympic professionals in the future, which may be far less distant than we imagine. Check below.

What are the benefits of chiropractic care for student-athletes?

The benefits are multiple as this treatment helps to deal with stress, headaches, tendonitis, among others. Our list will focus on sports activities restrictively.

1. Improved Range of Motion


Whether your children’s dream is to become a gymnast or a shot putter; a basketball player or a swimmer, they are sure to benefit from an improved range of motion.

Flexibility is a physical quality that needs to be developed when we’re young, because the more our muscle structure is formed, the harder it is to work it up.

With a few chiropractic sessions, the athletes can start noticing an increase in their body’s reach and a reduction in stiffness. Especially after big days of official games and performances when their body demands the athletes to exceed their limits, their bodies will prove to be stronger and more resistant.

By receiving chiropractic care, the pain after putting that much effort will be notably milder, and going back to the training routine will happen much sooner.

2. Decreased Recovery Time

Injuries are certainly one of the greatest fears of student-athletes’ parents. For our champions, though, that fear might not mean much, and they give it their all even in “not so important training”. Consequently, our kids get injured quite often.

However, even if athletes take perfect care of themselves, sports impact the body, and they will end up going through some difficult moments of pain and injury at some point. Since that’s so, chiropractic care plays a crucial role in preventing severe injuries by keeping the body stronger, more stable, and prepared to receive pressure.

In addition, chiropractic care enhances the immune system, reduces inflammations, treats soreness and pain, reduces acid production, and improves blood circulation. The body naturally regenerates faster, helping the athlete to get back into action sooner. Then, our athletic children benefit from an increased active time they can use to develop themselves and reach for their dreams.

3. Reduced Recurrence of Prescription Drugs

Remedies are expensive, and, in the long term, they might cause unpleasant side effects, especially when they are new and haven’t been tested enough.

As sportive practice tend to put a lot of strain on the body, professional athletes are constantly given injections, steroids, and other aggressive medications. However, these are just short-term treatments; they’re not healing for real.

Chiropractic care works to increase the body’s natural regeneration capacity by providing spinal alignment. Our spine is the body’s central part, and it affects functions in multiple ways. An athlete’s body receiving chiropractic care for a long time responds to injuries way better. Even though prescription drugs might be still needed in some cases, their recurrence is lower.

4. Discover Severe Conditions


It is common for student-athletes to suffer from body aches, headaches, and dehydration due to their intense practice routines. They have to handle the stress of always be looking to the professional scene as a career goal and be constantly trying to improve themselves.

Often, people try to relieve stress symptoms by taking painkillers and other remedies; but, they will probably not go away by that. Even worse: the need for medication use will turn to be continuous. Since chiropractic care is a form to treat headaches, body tensions, and other stress symptoms, the patient should not develop these symptoms. If the athlete experiences them, it is an alarming sign. It’s really important to look for a doctor and get checked up.

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