Chiropractic Care For Men’s Health: How To Improve Overall Condition

August 17, 2021

Men are notorious for being reluctant to go to a doctor. They are often resistant to using medications and only schedule an appointment when they go through severe pain, excessive tiredness, intense signs of stress, or other apparent conditions.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why women tend to live longer than men.

An alternative to prevent pain and illness is becoming extremely popular among men: chiropractic care.

By receiving chiropractic care, it’s possible to prevent and treat body aches, reduce stress symptoms, increase body elasticity, and feel more energetic and disposed to exercise.

How can chiropractic care help men’s health?

Several conditions that are more common in men than in women can be treated by chiropractic care. Besides, even if the male percentage isn’t higher, some conditions – such as stress – affect human beings largely, which means having a way to treat them is more than necessary, regardless of gender.

Check below a list of the most recurrent conditions affecting men that can be treated by chiropractic care and see if you’ve been under some of them.

Back Pain

Research says women suffer more from back pain than men. This data only serves to tell us we all suffer too much as it is exceptionally rare to find men who have never suffered from back pain in their lives.

If it’s rare to find men, imagine women?!

In fact, it is estimated that over 80% of the world’s population suffers from back pain continually. The causes of this form of pain, however, may be related to practices and habits more commonly attributed to a man’s life, such as:

• Muscle or ligament strains
• Heavy lifting
• Repetitive movements

Undisputed, chiropractic care is the best treatment available to heal back pain without the need for surgical procedures or the use of medications.

Chiropractic care performs spinal alignment. By that, patients get their back’s strength increased and their joints corrected, and put in their appropriate places. It results in all body functions working better, preventing various types of pain – especially back pain, but not only.

Even if the patient has already been experiencing back pain, chiropractic will still help. The sessions will relieve back pain since the first consultation, and it is estimated that any back pain will be gone by the middle of the second month of treatment.


Chiropractic Care For Men

Are you:
• Under a lot of pressure?
• Facing troublesome situations in your job?
• Worrying about money, the future, or your career?
• Full of responsibilities you didn’t intend to have?
• Facing big changes in your personal life?

With situations like this being happening so often, how not suffer from stress in the 21st century?

The truth is many of these issues are related to our mindset and require a major shift in our way of seeing the world. However, there are still small actions we can take to reduce stress and its symptoms that do not require a spiritual chance, such as:

• Practicing sports
• Having more leisure time
• Practicing self-care

If you are suffering from stress symptoms such as low energy, headaches, stomach aches, constipation, nausea, and stiff muscles, it’s worth mentioning that one of the best ways to get rid of them is by receiving chiropractic care.

It helps the body get prepared to receive tension, relax the muscles, reduce stomach reflux by improving the digestive system functioning, and reduce all types of muscle pain.

Heart Diseases and hypertension

These conditions are way more recurrent in men than in women, but it is not necessarily related to life practices and habits. Yet, a stressful or sedentary lifestyle, a poor diet, drugs and alcohol consumption, and giving undue attention to apparent symptoms can increase the occurrence of heart diseases and hypertension.

Chiropractic care help patients start a workout routine by raising their spirits. After all, by eliminating body aches that discourage us from starting how not to feel more motivated?

The impact on heart conditions is indirect, but it is still one of the best ways to prevent them naturally.

Sports Injuries

Chiropractic Care For Men

Men exercise less than women. However, women do it for aesthetic reasons, while men for leisure. In practice, men end up practicing more sports than women. Therefore, sports injuries tend to be more recurrent among men.

Chiropractic sessions are applied to professional athletes as means of preventing injuries and treat pain caused by muscle strains, and broken disks; very common sports injuries.

Chiropractic care for men: where to find it?

The month of June might be considered the month of male health care, but we mustn’t only concern about health care 1/12 in the year.

If you’re in New York, schedule your first chiropractic appointment and receive the proper treatment to improve your general health status to enjoy each day more with a smile on your face.

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